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Our Services

B and K Trucking

Flatbed/Stepdeck Transportation Services

Flatbed is our specialty, and quality is our standard. We provide you with more than 25 years of industry experience and a variety of trailers to meet your needs. All trailers are fully equipped with air ride, tarps, straps, padding, etc. to accommodate each and every load. Whether you have raw material or finished product, each load is treated in the same professional manner. Conastoga-style flatbeds and stepdecks are also available to protect your finished product, so that no tarps or padding will be needed.

B and K Trucking

Specialized/Oversize Transportation Services

There are a variety of trailers available for all your specialized needs, including flatbed and stepdeck Conastoga-style trailers to protect sensitive flatbed loads where tarping would cause damage. These trailers allow your product to be protected from any form of weather without needing tarps. These trailers work great with your finished product!

B and K Trucking

We also have a various range of trailers to handle your oversize needs, from flatbeds to tank trailers, all with multiple axles and attachments to handle your transportation needs on a regular basis. If it is not a regular oversize load, we have the capabilities to manufacture equipment to handle your shipment in our trailer department.

Wind Tower Transportation Services

B and K Trucking

Transportation of wind towers and their components has become a valued part of B&K Trucking. We can transport a variety of wind towers ranging from 50 to 100 meters.

We are able to transport wind blades ranging from 34- to 50-meters for all manufacturers, including single and even some double blade setups. Hubs, nacelles, and controllers also are not a problem.

We have 10+ years of experience in windpower transportation from factory to jobsite with all drivers going through strict training before transporting any product. Our claims for damage, etc., are at 0, which means all of our customers are 100% satisfied with our prompt and damage-free service.

We use mostly stretch, perimeter trailer and Schnabel setups to ensure that there are not any damages to your product. To contact our wind transportation division, please email Bruce at blang@bk-trucking.com

B and K Trucking

Pilot Car Services

B&K also recognizes the importance of qualified pilot car drivers to help in the transportation process of your specialized loads. Our drivers are certified in all states and are required to go through our demanding qualification process to become a qualified pilot car driver. At this time, we use a fleet of our own pilot cars to ensure the safety of your specialized cargo, when required. Our pilot car services are also available for hire at certain times of the year.

B and K Trucking

Project Transportation Management Service

Provide complete transportation solutions from initial stages of project development to final deliveries. Site survey, route surveys, Etc. A complete and detailed solution for all of your project requirements from start to finish.